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Lantana Editore is a  Roman independent publishing house, the catalogue is composed by:

fiction by contemporary italian and foreign writers, autobiographies, memoirs

non fiction, in-depth essays on present burning issues

books + DVD, a multimedia collection about key figures of art and culture

art catalogs and monographs.

* Lantana is the name of a film by Ray Lawrence (2001), a sophisticated and unsettling thriller which invites to reflect on this simple concept : understanding is more useful than judging. Thus, we want our books to spark off reflection and thinking : through novels and non fiction essays, we try to get the reader to question the world as it is today.

* The lantana is also the name a colorful and invasive plant. Our logo represents it, as an hommage to creativity, to democracy, and to « bibliodiversity ».

Lantana commitment’s is to produce  high quality proposal, thanks to professional editors with years of experience in the publishing field, Lantana tries to be attentive to quality as well as to the readers’s interests.

Featured titles available for rights licensing

Nico Piro Afghanistan mission unaccomplished

An acute and exhaustive voyage in 15 years of the Afghanista war. (Read more )

AA.VV. Narconomics

An acute and exhaustive survey on worldwide drug traffics nowadays. (Read more )

Stefano Grazioli Gazprom, the new empire

Gazprom, il nuovo impero tackles the history of Gazprom, the russian industrial giant, and its role in the world’s dynamics. (Read more )

Mario Monicelli A laughable story

Tragedy doesn’t exist, only comedy does : one of the best video biographies of the ultimate master of italian comedy. (Read more )