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Lantana Editore is a new Roman independent publishing house, settled in the Esquilino, the vibrant and multi-ethnical part of town.

* Lantana is the name of a film by Ray Lawrence (2001), a sophisticated and unsettling thriller which invites to reflect on this simple concept : understanding is more useful than judging. Thus, we want our books to spark off reflection and thinking : through novels and non fiction essays, we try to get the reader to question the world as it is today.

* The lantana is also the name a colorful and invasive plant. Our logo represents it, as an hommage to creativity, to democracy, and to « bibliodiversity ».

We propose four collections :

LE STELLE : Fiction by contemporary italian and foreign writers, autobiographies, memoirs.

GAZOMETRO : Non fiction, in-depth essays on present burning issues.

LANTANA.DOC : Books + DVD, a multimedia collection about key figures of art and culture.

LANTANA JUNIOR : Children’s literature, an original collection for kids, which will begin with The Floods, a crazy and not so politically correct series about a family of witches and wizards.

Under Alessandra Gambetti’s direction, who brings to the project years of experience in the publishing field, Lantana tries to be attentive to quality as well as to the public’s demands.

Titles available Spring 2011

Maurizio Cotrona Malafede

Malafede means Bad Faith in italian – but it’s also the name of a suburbian district of Rome. In this well-named environment, young Giordano’s obsessive quest for happiness. (Read more )

Federica Tuzi We’ll never part

“Tomboy”, “roll over butch” or “switch”? From Italy to United States, young Alessandra’s quest for herself through labels and cultures. (Read more )

AA.VV. Narconomics

An acute and exhaustive survey on worldwide drug traffics nowadays. (Read more )

Stefano Grazioli Gazprom, the new empire

Gazprom, il nuovo impero tackles the history of Gazprom, the russian industrial giant, and its role in the world’s dynamics. (Read more )

Mario Monicelli A laughable story

Tragedy doesn’t exist, only comedy does : one of the best video biographies of the ultimate master of italian comedy. (Read more )


Il Trionfo del Dio Denaro

«Una favola morale di straoridinaria efficacia nel rappresentare in modo fulmineo la capacità corruttiva del denaro». Beppe Navello

[Leggi ancora]

Un Natale di libri piccoli editori al Sacher

Invito al nostro mercatino di Natale con libri, audiolibri e letture di Sergio Rubini, Rolando Ravello, Anna Bonaiuto e Nanni Moretti.
Domenica 14 [Leggi ancora]

La trilogia di Patrick Modiano in libreria

La trilogia autobiografica di Patrick Modiano si conclude con Primavera da cani dopo Riduzione di pena e Fiori di rovina, pubblicati in Italia da Lantana prima [Leggi ancora]

Primavera da cani

Patrick Modiano è Premio Nobel per la Letteratura 2014

«Pochi scrittori hanno descritto Parigi con un amore così intelligente, una [Leggi ancora]

Fabrizio Ruggirello. REGALI DI COMPLEANNO

22 novembre 2014   Sala Trevi – Cineteca Nazionale   Vicolo del Puttarello, 25 – Roma Cari amici il 23 novembre ricorre la data di nascita [Leggi ancora]