Mario Monicelli, A laughable story

Copertina Una storia da ridereTragedy doesn’t exist, only comedy does : one of the best video biographies of the ultimate master of italian comedy

Artist : Mario Monicelli directed a few of the most famous masterpieces in film comedy, as The Great War, Brancaleone, Big deal on Madonna Street. Born in Viareggio in 1915, in a region that was still suffering from the consequences of the great war, he learned his future profession as an assistant for major directors of the time. His aim as an artist has always been to show, with as much cruelty as tenderness, the true face of contemporary Italy. Ferocious and earnest, Monicelli changed the face of italian comedy forever. He passed away last year.

Documentary : In this one hour long documentary, Monicelli opens up about his work, and explains what comedy meant to him. He tells with passion his life as a director and as a man of the twentieth century. The two great wars, fascism, the after-war period, and Italy’s economic and cultural rebirth, through the eyes of a privileged witness, who represented through his movies the vices and virtues of italian people.