Maurizio Cotrona, Malafede

Malafede copertinaMalafede means « Bad Faith » in italian –but it’s also the name of a suburbian district of Rome. In this well-named environment, young Giordano’s obsessive quest for happiness.

Author : Born in the southern town Taranto in 1973, Maurizio Cotrona graduated in law in Modena, and has been living in Rome since 2006. He published his first novel in 2005, and writes regularly for prestigious italian literature websites.

Plot : Roman periphery, nowadays. After having left the southern town Taranto, a young couple settles in a brand new satellite district, a few kilometers away from the italian capital. In this world where everything seems perfect, from the green of the grass to the well-mannered conversations between the inhabitants, young Giordano sees a terrestrial paradise. Maurizio Cotrona draws, from a personal life experience, an exceptionnally mature novel in which his generation’s thirst for comfort is acutely revealed.

Press reviews

« The personal voice of who knows how to express what’s most unstable in human nature : feelings. » Enzo Verrengia, Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno