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Narconomics copertinaAn acute and exhaustive survey on worldwide drug traffics nowadays.

Authors :

Stefania Bizzarri is a journalist for the monthly magazine Narcomafie. She tackles criminality and illegal traffics in Italy and abroad, focusing especially on Colombia and the Balkans. She published an essay, La guerra dopo il crollo del muro di Berlino, in the anthology La Guerra. Le Guerre. In 2009, she won the Mediterranean Journalist Award for a reportage on Montenegro.

Cecilia Ferrara is a freelance journalist, and lived in Sarajevo and Belgrade. She collaborates regularly with the Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso, an online magazine and study center on South East Europe, Turkey and Caucasia.

Enza Roberta Petrillo is a political analyst. She studies social and transformations in East Europe, transnational organized crime and the links between illegal traffickings and politics. She works for international organizations and think-tanks. She has published with ESI I Balcani. Elezioni senza democrazia, in Oltre la Democratizzazione (a cura di O. Cappelli). She was research fellow in International Relations at the University Sant’Anna, Pisa. Her articles are published in journals and on line magazines.

Matteo Tacconi is a freelance journalist and is a specialist of the Balkans, of centro-oriental Europe and the ex-sovietic area. He writes for a few magazines, such as « Europa », « Limes », « East », and « Narcomafie ». He published Kosovo (Castelvecchi, 2008) and C’era una volta il muro (Castelvecchi, 2009).

Subject :

Heroin is profit – Heroin is death. Every year, about a hundred thousand people are killed by the most lethal of drugs. About 15 million people are addicted. All of this begins in Afghanistan, where central institutions are weak, and where the government fails to settle down. But the opium industry makes a lot of profit out of this quagmire, reaching levels never seen before.

A skilled team of journalists and researchers bring together their competences to write a thorough analysis of the international cocain and heroin traffic. Narconomics describes how the biggest drug deals work, gives insights on the « narco-states » and enlightens how the world conflicts are fueled by the drug business.